As already mentioned, our committee is engaged in a variety of regular functions performed in connection with annual events. However, at any particular time, we may also be engaged in activities with special programs. Our earlier, current and scheduled special programs for this year are set forth below.

 1.  Presbytery Stated Clerk Fund

The Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Lake Huron, while on a Mission activity in Central America, was injured in a vehicular accident ó thereby suffering closed head injuries. Due to the serious nature of the injury, it resulted in the incurring of significant medical expenses for the rehabilitation process. The congregation, along with other congregations, participated in the program proposed by the Presbytery for donations to help in deferring these expenses.

 2.  Diapers Donation

A resident of the local community, who exhibited the type of charity and love that God expects of us, provided an opportunity for performing local mission.

This consisted of a young lady volunteering to take custody of the three (3) children of her sister ó the oldest of which was only 18 months of age, with the other two (2) being 3 month-old twins ó rather than suffer them to be raised in a foster home environment. Despite the fact that she already was raising 3 children of her own, she and her husband offered to be the foster parents of the infants, as they deemed they would be better served if raised in a family environment with their aunt.

The committee and congregation, due to the obvious strain on the resources of the young lady and her husband, agreed to and did donate diapers to assist the sister in the costs of raising the infants, as we believed they deserved much credit and admiration for their willingness to assume these additional obligations and responsibilities. It then seemed likewise appropriate for us to give them recognition for doing what ought to be done, and play our own small part in Godís Mission.

 3.  Missionary Visit Hosting

The committee, upon behalf of the congregation, offered to host a visit by Doug Baker, a Missionary to Northern Ireland, and to invite and encourage the entire community to hear Doug speak about his life as a missionary in Northern Ireland.

Doug has been a mission worker since 1979, and is working for the cause of peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. He received his M. Div. from Princeton in 1976 and served a congregation in Berwyn, PA before his appointment to Ireland. Doug's services upon behalf of peace and reconciliation, the difficulties presented and the obstacles overcome, as well as an elaboration upon his resume and that of his wife, Elaine Baker, are discussed in the Mission Connections literature provided during the visit.

During his visit, Doug discussed all of these matters further, as well as answered questions from the audience. He also discussed the PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer Program and the invaluable assistance provided by it to the mission.

 4.  Cribs for Kids Offering

The Sanilac County Baby Pantry provides new baby cribs for families in need who have a requirement therefor. The committee and Session approved the congregationís participation both by raising funds for providing these cribs through the offerings at our Advent Services during December, as well as in an ecumenical effort to encourage other congregations to also approve and institute a like program. The literature which we will distribute in connection with the latter objective is reproduced below.

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