We, as a member of the PC(USA), identify with the affirmations of the Protestant Reformation:

We express the faith of the Reformed tradition 1, central to which is the:

And we thereby affirm Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbi Dei, meaning The church reformed and always being reforming according to the Word of God and the call of the Spirit.

Further, we profess the Confessions 2  of the PC(USA), from The Nicene Creed  and  The Apostles' Creed  through  A Brief Statement of Faith.

It further is one of our principles, as a member of the PC(USA), that the great ends of the church are the:

We strive to attain these ends and perform these imperatives. We do this through the body at large and through our various committees, to whom are assigned these respective functions.

We invite you to review the various pages describing our Ministries, to ascertain our efforts to attain these ends.

1 For further discussion, in addition to Presbyterian 101 - A General Guide and Presbyterian 101 - Theology, and other topics of interest, we take the liberty to also refer you to What Presbyterians Believe.

2 The inclusive set of the Confessions the Book of Confessions being Part I of the Constitution of the PC(USA) are available in PDF format, both in English and in Spanish, by use of the respective aforesaid link.
Part II of the Constitution is the Book of Order and is also available in PDF format, both in English and in Spanish, by use of the respective aforesaid link.
An additional resource for understanding and using the Constitution is the Companion to the Constitution and likewise is available in PDF format by use of the aforesaid link.

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