Christian Education is provided by and consists of Adult Sunday School and Youth Sunday School, as well as by special activities. It is supervised and planned by our Christian Education Committee.

Adult Sunday School meets at 10:30 A.M. in our Session Room.

Youth Sunday School meets at 9:30 A.M. in our Lower Level, and is lead by Chairperson Linda Spencer and Co-Chairperson Carolyn Pardy. They instruct the youth in a variety of Bible Studies, and also guide them in special activities for:

In addition, for the youth, the committee engages in honoring our High School and College Graduates, and participates with the Deckerville United Methodist Church in a Vacation Bible School. For the Adults, it plans selected Christian Education programs, and, for the Youth, it plans selected activities. These special programs for this year are set forth, respectively, on our Special Adult Education Program Schedule and our Special Youth Education Program Schedule pages.

We also offer and make available the non-denominational Our Daily Bread devotionals.
For those not able to secure a print version, the daily readings are available at the following link:

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